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          Creative & 媒体

          Wildern boasts an outstanding 创意和媒体 department. There is a broad Arts & Media curriculum at Key Stage 3 and 4 through Art, 舞蹈, 戏剧, 音乐 and Media. The department believes that the Arts & 媒体 are an essential part of a broad and balanced curriculum and provide essential skills and creativity for students allowing them to contribute beyond the curriculum. Wildern has been awarded Artsmark Platinum 通过 艺术s Council England, reflecting the exceptional curriculum and opportunities available at the school. 




          • GCSE美术
          • GCSE艺术:摄影
          • GCSE舞  
          • GCSE戏剧 
          • GCSE音乐 
          • ABRSM 1-5级音乐理论
          • 在表演艺术水平的1/2 BTEC技术奖
          • GCSE媒体研究

          The 创意和媒体 department offer a vast range of extra - curricular activities such as the annual whole School Production,  The Wildern 音乐学院 and 舞蹈 Live!. A multitude of trips are organised throughout the year including professional dance workshops, visits to Art exhibitions, Theatre visits and performances at The Royal Albert Hall. We are always looking for opportunities to extend students’ learning outside of the curriculum through 艺术s & 媒体 based activities.


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